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Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism
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Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture Heritage
(Tourism Affairs)

Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism(Tourism Affairs), under the Shanghai Municipal Government, is a regulating arm in charge of drafting the master plans and strategies for developing the city's travel and tourism industry, implementing the trade policies and regulations, and coordinating the operations of related organs and businesses in the industry. It is also responsible for promoting the travel industry and travel products in both domestic and overseas markets.

Under the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism(Tourism Affairs) is a specific department -International Tourism Promotion Department responsible for promoting Shanghai as an ideal MICE destination as well as the city's MICE industry. Its major responsibility is to market Shanghai in international meeting and event industry, organize or coordinate the organization of meetings in Shanghai and provide training to the people in the MICE industry.

Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism(Tourism Affairs) has been a member of ICCA (International Conference and Congress Association) since 2001. To upgrade the service level of the city's MICE industry, SMTA has been making efforts in training the professional employees and working with industry partners such as PCO, DMC, Hotels and Airlines to bid various international meetings and conferences to Shanghai.

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