Huangpu River Cruise Ship Route

Huangpu River Cruise Ship Route is a new loop cruise route on the Huangpu River developed by Shanghai Huangpu River Cruise Group Company. The whole cruise tour has three stops (East Jinling Road Wharf, Oriental Pearl Wharf and Qinhuangdao Road Wharf). All ships depart as scheduled. Passengers can choose the nearest wharf to board a ship, enjoying the scenery on the Huangpu River and reaching Shanghai's landmark buildings or historical sites on both sides of the Huangpu River faster by using both land and water transportation facilities.

Ticket Prices

Ticket for one stop : 60 RMB

Ticket for two stops : 90 RMB

Ticket for the whole tour : 120 RMB

Ticket for one day (only for departures of the day) : 150 RMB

Duration of the whole tour : 100 minutes (70 minutes for cruising+ 30 minutes for stops at the ferries)

Huangpu River Cruise Ship Schedule

Note: The departures are for reference only. In case of bad weather or other force majeure factors (such as a typhoon, rainstorm, flood, etc.), the cruise tour will be suspended or temporarily suspended. To book tickets, please call customer service for departure information.

Tourist Attractions Nearby

Yu Garden

Shanghai Jewish refugee Memoria

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower

Top of Shanghai Observatory

Booking and Boarding Addresses

East Jinling Road Wharf: 141 Second East Zhongshan Road

Oriental Pearl Wharf: 2852 Binjiang Avenue; mobile ticket cart nearby (intersection of Fenghe Road and Binjiang Avenue)

Qinhuangdao Road Wharf: 32 Qinhuangdao Road

Notice for Passengers

1.After the ticket is sold, in case of force majeure (including but not limited to typhoons, thunderstorms, earthquakes, etc.) or special tide or channel conditions, our company has the right to suspend the cruise tour or adjust the departure time for safety. If the cruise tour is suspended, passengers can go to the corresponding ticket office with the ticket for refund or alteration.

2.Passengers who purchase a ticket for one stop can take the cruise ship for one stop and disembark at the corresponding wharf.

Passengers who purchase a ticket for two stops can take the cruise ship for two stops and disembark at the corresponding wharf.

Passengers who purchase a ticket for the whole tour can take the cruise ship for a full cruise, disembark and board the ship once at each wharf.

Passengers who purchase a ticket for one day (only for departures of the day) can board the cruise ships an unlimited number of times within the day.

3.During the peak season, large passenger flows may lead to long waiting times for the cruise ships and other attractions such as the Oriental Pearl.

4.Both the ticket and ticket stub are necessary for boarding our cruise ships or admission to some tourist attractions, so please be sure to keep them clean and complete.

5.If you have any advice or suggestions on our tour service, please tell our on-site staff or call our customer service at 68775285. Your advice will improve our service quality.

Wish you a happy tour!

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